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Moving Home

Thinking Of Moving Home

Thinking of moving home? Not to sure what to do or where to start? If you are living in rented accommodation and are thinking of moving. Have a read through this little article. Hopefully it will give you some ideas of what to do.

Renting A Home

Renting a home can be great. In most cases you have a fixed outlay, the rent. The letting agent or landlord will be responsible for most of the ongoing repairs. Always check your contract to see who is responsible for which repairs. As the tenant you maybe responsible for some of the repairs.

When it comes to moving there are a few things you need to put in place. Firstly check your contact to see how much notice you need to give of your current property. It will give you and idea of the time frame you have to work with. Then find a new home. Sounds obvious yes but this can be tricky. You will know what kind of property you are looking for. But it is not always a case of finding a home and then moving in. Apart from the notice you will need to give on you current property. Your future home may not be ready to move in straight away. It may need cleaning, redecorating or even time for the old tenant to vacate. Just a few things to consider and mull over to begin with.

Now to put a few wheels in motion.

Find A Moving Company

Or not. Not everyone gets a moving company involved. Some people are happy to roll up their sleeves and move themselves. If you decide to give it a go. Don’t underestimate the work that is involved. It can be very demanding. So if you are thinking of moving home and want to use professional movers, plan ahead. You will be surprised how far in advance the book up.

Get more than one quote. As with any service prices will vary. Talk to friends, neighbours even your letting agent for recommendations. Moving is very expensive but cheapest may not be best. Always check out their reviews. Make sure they are fully insured. Moving companies that are cheap often are cutting back on some expenses. If they are not insured and something breaks during transit it may be hard to get the company to pay. The last thing you want is to have your best china arrive in a thousand pieces and have no comeback.

Confirm exactly what the moving company will do. Some will turn up and just load and go. They will expect everything to be packed and ready. Others will do everything for you. They will provide all of the packing materials. Pack everything for you. Move your items to the new property and unpack.

A nice tip is before you move into the new property. Buy your favourite scented candle or some scented was melts. When everything is done. Light them to give you that homely feeling in your new home.

Thinking Of Moving Home, Don’t Forget The Cleaning

When thinking of moving home the last thing on your mind would be cleaning. However it is vital that the cleaning in done. Especially when it comes to renting. No one wants to moving into a dirty property. The landlord or letting agent should make sure the new property is clean and ready for you to move into. In a rental situation it is normally the tenant that is leaving who is responsible for making sure the property is handed over in a clean condition.

So if you are the tenant moving out it will be your reasonability. You must check you contract to see what is required. Handing a property back in an unclean condition will often result in a financial penalty. Nobody wants that. It may be tempting to clean the property yourself. Do not underestimate how much work is involved in end of tenancy cleaning. This may be something for the professionals. This way if the clean was not up to standard. It will be the cleaning company who needs to correct it. When searching try using the term end of tenancy cleaning prices or end of tenancy cleaning near me. Or use a search term like end of tenancy cleaning Cambridge to search for a local company.

Carpet cleaning is also important. Especially if you have pets. Carpet cleaning is sometimes optional. But not always so check the details of your contract. Normally though, if you have pets. You will need to get them cleaned. A professional company like carpet cleaning Norwich is always a good place to start. Carpet cleaners Norwich will give you all the advise you need.

Utilities, Time To Get Switched On.

Again This may be an obvious one. But do not forget the utilities. Electricity and gas companies will need to have a final meter readings. Sometimes you may need to also take a water meter reading as well. Telling the relevant companies that you are leaving is simple. And in most cases getting the electric, gas and water switched on in the new property will also be simple. Just be careful when it some to phone line, internet and satellite TV. These sometimes have a time scale attached. Especially if an engineer is required to connect at the new property. The time scale cane be weeks not days.

When you are thinking of moving home preparation is the key. Don’t leaving things to the last minute. Get organised and get those services that you will need booked well in advance. If possible also allow time to rebook just in case someone lets you down. Moving can be a stressful experience. But with planning it is it can also be exciting.

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